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Pool And Spa Las Vegas Pool Wet Deck Services

Pool-Wet-Deck--in-Overton-Nevada-pool-wet-deck-overton-nevada.jpg-imagePool and Spa Las Vegas offers professional pool wet deck services for residents in Overton, Nevada. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing top-quality service that ensures your pool's safety and longevity.

Our wet deck services include a thorough inspection of the entire area surrounding your pool, including all tiles, grout lines, coping stones, expansion joints and caulking. We will identify any areas where water may be seeping through or pooling around the edges of your pool which can cause damage over time.

We use specialized equipment to clean every inch of your wet deck surface thoroughly. This includes pressure washing with high-pressure jets that remove dirt buildup from hard-to-reach places like corners or crevices without damaging delicate surfaces such as tile or stone.

After cleaning we apply sealant on all necessary areas to prevent future leaks while also enhancing its appearance by giving it a fresh look. The sealant helps protect against weathering elements such as sun exposure & rainwater accumulation which can lead to cracks if left untreated

At Pool and Spa Las Vegas our goal is always customer satisfaction so you can trust us when it comes down maintaining an attractive outdoor space for family gatherings during summer months!